Bragdy Felin-foel Felinfoel Brewery Adeiladwyd/ Built 1878 Y bragdy cyntaf ym Mhrydain Fawr i osod cwrw mewn caniau ym 1936, a'r ail yn y byd The first brewery in Great Britain to commercially can beer in 1936, and the second in the world

Farmers Row, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Theatr Y Royalty The Royalty Theatre Agorwyd / Opened 1892 Ar y safle hwn safai Theatr Y Royalty Fe'i hadnabyddid yn ddiweddarach fel Haggars a Sinema'r Hippodrome On this site stood the Royalty Theatre later known as Haggars and the Hippodrome Cinema Chwalwyd / Demolished - 1977

Tinopolis Studio, Water Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Arthur William Haggar 1851-1925 Arloeswr y sinema a gwneuthurwr ffilmiau Perchennog Theatr y Royalty Llanelli Pioneer of the cinema and film maker Proprietor of the Royalty Theatre Llanelli

Tinopolis Studio, Water Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Y Parchedig/ The Reverend John Wesley M.A. 1703-1791 Sylfaenydd Methodistiaeth Pregethai ger y safle hwn ar sawl achlysur Founder of Methodism Preached near this site on numerous occasions

The Verandah Restaurant, Bridge Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Gareth Hughes (Gynt/ formerly William John Hughes) 1894-1965 Seren Ffilmiau Di-Sain Ganwyd yn Halfway Llanelli Awst 23ain 1894 Y Brawd David yn hwyrach Bu'n byw yma Silent Film Star Born at Halfway Llanelli 23rd August 1894 Later known as Brother David Lived Here

38 Princess St, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Bryntirion 1839-2004 Safle Tloty'r Undeb ac wedyn Ysbyty Bryntirion Llety milwyr yn ystod Terfysgoedd Beca 1843 Site of the Union Workhouse and later Bryntirion Hospital. Troops billeted here during Rebecca Riots 1843

Bryntirion Terrace (Swansea Road), Bryntirion, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Dorothy Squires 1915-1998 Cantores Seren Recordio a Chyfansoddwraig Bu'n Byw Yma Singer Recording Star and Songwriter Lived Here

New Road, Dafen, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Tollgate. Site of the tollgate attacked by Rebecca on September 10th 1843. The gate was dropped down the nearby Colliery

107 Felinfoel Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Steadman Davies MBE 1925-2010 [full inscription unknown]

Machynys, Millennium Coastal Path, Llanelli, United Kingdom

John Graham Chambers 1843-1883 codifier of the modern laws of athletics, boxing and rowing. Born here 12 Feb 1843

Llanelly House, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Originally The Farmers Arms. A meeting place of the Rebecca Rioters 1843

Five Roads B4309, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Rachel Roberts 1927-1980 [full inscription unknown]

Tyisha Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Highfield House. The brothers Thomas and Walter Davies inventors of the Stepney Spare Wheel lived here

Tyisha Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Old Lodge iron & tin plate works 1854-1941 Built on the site of the lodge of Glanmor House former home of R. J. Nevill [full inscription unknown]

Station Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

The Railway Strike. On the track below a train was stopped by strikers. Two bystanders were shot and killed by troops Saturday 19th August 1911 [full inscription unknown]

Union Bridge, Queen Victoria Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Lord Elwyn-Jones 1909-1989 Lord Chancellor 1974-1979 born here

Old Castle Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

1709 Near this site stood the first Baptist chapel in Llanelli Later rebuilt as Adulam Chapel in 1840 [full inscription unknown]

Long Row, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Felinfoel Baptismal Pool. The Rive Lliedi has been used for baptisms since the 18C [full inscription unknown]

Farmers Row, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Felinfoel Mill [full inscription unknown]

Farmers Row - Millfield Road, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Furnace Tollgate [full inscription unknown]

Furnace Post Office, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Trafalgar Beacon. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar [full inscription unknown]

Millennium Coastal Path, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Hugh Percy Wilkins (1896-1960) [full inscription unknown]

56 James Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom


Gelli Onn, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928 Suffragette addressed the people of Llanelli here at the Parish Hall 20 January 1912 [full inscription unknown]

Parish Hall, Church Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Sergeant Ivor Rees VC 11th Battalion South Wales Borderers. Awarded the Victoria Cross for most conspicuous bravery in the attack by the 38th Welsh Division on Pilckem Ridge during the 3rd Battle of Ypres in Flanders on 31st July 1917

Llanelli Town Hall, Llanelli, United Kingdom

The Stag & Pheasant. Meeting place of the Rebecca Rioters 1843

The Stag - Heol Hen, Llanelli, United Kingdom

The Great Meeting. Opposite this site on Mynydd Sylen The Great Rebecca Meeting took place 25th August 1843 [full inscription unknown]

Mynydd Sylen, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Pen-y-Castell. Site of an early fortification possibly a Roman Camp [full inscription unknown]

John Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Lloyd Street Independent Chapel 1887-1991 [full inscription unknown]

Lloyd Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Copper Works Dock 1805-1951 [full inscription unknown]

Millennium Coastal Path - Copperhouse Cross Roundabout, Llanelli, United Kingdom

The Carmarthenshire Railway 1803 [full inscription unknown]

Sustrans Cycle-way– Tan Y Rhodyn, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Amelia Earhart 1897 - 1937 U fenyw i hedfad dros Fôr yr lwerydd Glaniodd yma yn foryd ar bws pentref Pwll. First woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean landed here in the estuary near the village of Pwll, Mehefin 18 June 1928

Millenium Coastal Path, Pwll, United Kingdom

James Dickson Innes 1887-1914 Famous artist born here at Greenfield Villas [full inscription unknown]

Murray Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Bres Colliery 1794-1889 [full inscription unknown]

46 Murray Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Llanelly Pottery 1839-1922 [full inscription unknown]

Pottery Street, Llanelli, United Kingdom