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Beneath this roadway runs the world's first underground passenger railway. It was opened for public traffic by the Metropolitan Railway Company on 10 January 1863

Baker Street Station, Marylebone Road, London, United Kingdom

Beck plaque
In memory of Harry Beck the originator of the distinctive London Underground map who lived near here and used the station regularly. The map is used by millions daily and has become recognised as a classic world-wide

Finchley Central Tube Station, London, United Kingdom

Balham tube plaque 080120
In memory of the 64 people killed at this station by a wartime bomb 14th October 1940

Balham Tube Station, London, United Kingdom

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In tribute to Frank Pick 1878-1941 a scholar of this school. He served his fellow-men, made transport an art and sought beauty and good design in all things.

St Peter's School, York, United Kingdom