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Jubilee House, 74 High Street, Madeley. opened 1870. Market hall & arcade. Later operated as Jubilee Nut & Press works up to 1970s. 1997 refurbished as parish offices.

Jubilee House 74 High Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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Madeley Baptist church, High Street, Madeley "Ænon" Baptist Chapel opened 1858. Ænon is a Greek word meaning "spring", and is a place on the River Jordan where John the Baptist baptised

“ÆNON” Baptist Chapel, High Street , Madeley, United Kingdom

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Lumley Hall, High Street, Madeley. Madeley county court house 1858-1950. After a variety of youth and social uses is now the home of Telford amateur boxing club and Madeley music project.

Lumley Hall, Madeley, United Kingdom

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The Peoples Centre, High Street, Madeley. Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1862-1977. Later used by community groups as The Peoples Centre.

The Peoples Centre, High Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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CHEC CENTRE, High Street, Madeley. Formerly Coopers Arms public house, Closed 1907. Upper floor used as police station. Ground floor occupied by boot maker and hairdressers.

CHEC Centre, 31 High Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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Little Haye, 43 Church Street, Madeley. Medieval timber framed 2 bay hall C17 and C18 additions Used by Benbow & Jeffrey ironmongers 1880-1930

Little Haye, Church Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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St Michael's Church, Church Street, Madeley. 1796. Designed by Thomas Telford. Fine cast iron tombs in graveyard including Revd. John Fletcher.

St Michael's church, Church Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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Hall Barn, Upper Road. Madeley. Former Madeley Hall. C1700 farmhouse & barns Home for the Ashwood and Yate families. Now converted into flats for older people

Hall Barn, Church Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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Madeley Congregational Church, Park Avenue, Madeley. Operated from 1874 as a church and Sunday school. Used by United Reformed church from 1973. Closed by 1985

The Old Church, Park Avenue, Madeley, United Kingdom

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Fletcher Methodist Church, Court Street, Madeley. 1841 Wesleyan Chapel dedicated to Revd. John Fletcher, vicar of Madeley and one of the founding fathers of Methodism

Fletcher Methodist Church, Court Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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All Nations Inn First licensed in 1832. Owned by the Baguley and Lewis families. Famous home brew house.

All Nations Inn, Coalport Road, Madeley, United Kingdom

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Madeley Court Hotel C16 manor house. Home of Sir Basil Brooke 1598-1646. Set up first steel furnace in Coalbrookdale.

Madeley Court Hotel, Castlefields Way, Madeley, United Kingdom

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77A Park Street, Madeley. Former Bethesda Methodist Chapel, 1859-1907. Parkhurst Cinema, Renamed West End then Regent, 1910-1958. Varied business use, Closed 1985. Private use, from 1987.

77A Park Street, Madeley, United Kingdom

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OLD INFANT SCHOOL 1833 First Wesleyan chapel in Madeley. A school for poor children from 1841 A C.E. Infant school 1853 to 1965

Old Infant school, Church Street, Madeley, United Kingdom