Maldon Society

Maldon Society was founded in 1957 to give the people of Maldon a voice in the way our town develops.

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Built with proceeds from Thomas Plume, this building served as Maldon's Workhouse 1719-1835 After enlargement by John Sadd it was known as 'The Spike' and became the Union Workhouse until 1873

Fullbridge, Maldon, United Kingdom

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Maldon's Moot Hall with underlying market place occupied this site its courts and meeting rooms were transferred in 1576 to D'Arcy Tower, the present Moot Hall

Silver Street, Maldon, United Kingdom

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Church House Edward Bright 1721 - 1750 The 42 stone 'Fat Man of Maldon' lived here and is buried in All Saints Church

High Street, Maldon, United Kingdom