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Old Low Light. Built inside Clifford’s Fort 1727-33 and extended 1775. Its white gable was painted black and its light window blocked to obscure it as a navigational landmark when converted to Almshouses in 1806-8.

Fish Quay, North Shields, United Kingdom

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Maritime Chambers Built in 1806-7 as a subscription library for Tynemouth Literary and Philosophical Society. Occupied 1895-1980 by Stag Line Ltd., one of Tyneside's oldest family-owned shipping companies. The building still bears the Stag emblem.

Howard Street, North Shields, United Kingdom

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Sailors Home. Former Sailors Home, built by the 4th Duke of Northumberland in 1854-6 to accommodate 80 visiting seamen. Benjamin Green, architect.

New Quay, North Shields, United Kingdom

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Volunteer Life Brigade House. The Tynemouth Brigade, the first in the country, was formed in 1864 following several tragic ship wrecks. This Watch House, built in 1887, was restored by the Brigade and Tyne and Wear County Council in 1977.

Spanish Battery, Tynemouth, United Kingdom

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The Black Middens. These exposed rock formations, once a notorious shipping hazard, claimed 5 ships in 3 days of blizzards in November; 34 passengers and crew perished within sight of the shore.

Promenade, Tynemouth, United Kingdom

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Old High Light. Since 1536 Trinity House, Newcastle has built several leading lights in North Shields. This one was constructed in 1727. Following changes in the river channel it was replaced in 1807 by the New High Light.

Tyne Street, North Shields, United Kingdom

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Master Mariners Homes. Built 1837-40 by North Shields Master Mariners Asylum for 32 aged mariners and their dependents; John and Benjamin Green, architects. Land donated by 3rd Duke of Northumberland; his statue stands in the gardens.

The Mariners House, Tynemouth Road, Tynemouth, United Kingdom

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Wallsend Shipyards Wallsend riverfront has been the home of world-famous yards including: Schlesinger's (1863-93); C. S. Swan's (1874-80) and G. B. Hunter's (1880-1903); together with major marine engine-works. Turbinia (1894) and Mauretania (1906) were launched here.

?, Wallsend, United Kingdom

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Cullercoats Fisherman's Lookout. Built in 1879 on the site of a traditional fisherman's lookout, to house the Cullercoats Volunteer Life Brigade. A pre-existing clock tower was incorporated into the design. Now used as a community centre.

Front Street, Cullercoats, United Kingdom