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Underbank Hall Built late 15th Century Formerly the town house of the Arderne family of Bredbury until 1823. The house then became offices for the banking firm of Christy Lloyd & Co. and its successors.

, Stockport, United Kingdom

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Cecil Kimber (1888-1945) founder of MG Sports Cars lived here and was educated at Stockport Grammar School. Built the first MG car whilst working at Oxford

26 Shaw Road, Stockport, United Kingdom

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Stockport Town Hall. Opened on 7th July 1908. The Town Hall was designed by Alfred Brumwell Thomas in a neo-Wren style and opened by TRH the Prince and Princess of Wales

Edward Street, Stockport, United Kingdom

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Marple Aquaduct opened 1800 architect and engineer: Benjamin Outram. Carries the Peak Forest Canal 100 ft above the River Goyt in a brick-built channel lined with puddled clay.

Marple Aqueduct, Marple, United Kingdom

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Channel Island Evacuees: In June, July and August 1940 Stockport welcomed over 1200 evacuees from the Channel Islands. The children were cared for by local families until the islands were liberated in May 1945.

Railway station, Stockport, United Kingdom

Fred perry%27s blue plaque at the house where he was born
Fred Perry 1909-1995 tennis player Frederick John Perry was born here. Member of Britain's winning Davis Cup Team 1933-1936. Winner of Men's Singles at Wimbledon 1934, 1935 and 1936. Made a Freeman of Stockport Borough in 1934.

Carrington Road, Stockport, United Kingdom