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In a garden house on this site - destroyed in an air raid on 18th August 1940 Henry James wrote many of his novels

Lamb House, 6 West Street, Rye, United Kingdom

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In a meeting held on this spot on the 29th September 1917, about 200 acres of Kinver Edge were given to the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty by Thomas Oliver Lee, Clara Winifred Wight, Emma Rosalind Lee and Stephen Grosvenor Lee as a memorial to their parents, Thomas Grosvenor Lee, solicitor of Birmingham, and Winifred Hannah Lee, who both died in the year 1916. Thomas Grosvenor Lee too great interest in the preservation of public footpaths and open spaces. Kinver was the home of his youth and throughout his life he always had a great affection for Kinver Edge and the beautiful country in the neighbourhood.

Kinver Edge, Kinver, United Kingdom

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The George Inn. It is known that the George Inn existed in the late 16th Century although the present building dates from 1677. Both Shakespeare and Dickens knew the hospitality of the inn which has continued right up to the present day. The inn is now owned by The National Trust

73 Borough High Street, Southwark, SE1, London, United Kingdom

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Chartwell home of Sir Winston Churchill was bought & presented to the nation in 1947 by a group of his friends & admirers whose names are recorded here in gratitude by the National Trust. Sir Edward Peacock. Viscount Camrose. Viscount Bearsted. Sir Hugo Cunliffe. Owen Lord Glendyne. Lord Leathers. Mr James De Rothschild. Sir Frederick Stewart. Mr J. Arthur Rank. Viscount Partal of Laverstoke. Sir Edward Mountain. Sir James Lithgow. Lord Kenilworth. Lord Bicester. Sir James Caird. Lord Catto. Viscount Nuffield.

Chartwell, Mapleton Road, Westerham, United Kingdom

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Stratford on Avon Canal The erection of this bridge constructed by men from H.M. Prison Wormwood Scrubs and H.M. Prison Birmingham. Completed the restoration to navigation of the canal by volunteers, servicemen and prisoners 1961-4. The canal was re-opened by H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on Saturday 11th July 1964

Avon Lock - Bancroft Basin, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

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To Commemorate Hilaire Belloc 1870 - 1953 Writer, Poet & Walker "Lift up your hearts in Gumber"

?, Ides Common, United Kingdom

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The land surrounding the summit of Castle Crag was given to the Nation in memory of Sir William Hamer M.A. M.D. F.R.C.P. by his wife Agnes, whom this seat commemorates.

Castle Crag, Rosthwaite, United Kingdom

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To the memory of Wilfrid Fox MD FRCP VMH born 1875 died 1962 who created this arboretum and gave it to The National Trust in 1952

?, Winkworth, United Kingdom

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High Wheeldon 1384 feet This property was presented to the National Trust on 11th November 1946 by F. A . Holmes M.A. J.P. of Buxton in honoured memory of the men of Derbyshire and Staffordshire who fell in the Second World War 1939-1945

High Wheeldon, Earl Sterndale, United Kingdom

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Golden Cap - Given by members of the National Trust and friends in memory of The Earl of Antrim K.B.E Chairman of the National Trust from 1966 until his death in 1977

Golden Cap, Charmouth, United Kingdom

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This marks the site of the Battle of Maldon. On and around this spot an army of Danish raiders and the Essex Army commanded by Earl Byrhtnoth fought on 10th August 991 A.D. Byrhtnoth's heroic defeat and death became the subject of a great Anglo-Saxon poem.

, Maldon, United Kingdom