Opposite is the site of Brick Kiln Leasow pit where nine miners died falling to the bottom of the shaft on 27th September 1864. Six of the miners were boys aged between twelve and eighteen

Site opposite former Brick Leasows pit, Madeley, United Kingdom

Former George & Dragon pub which closed in the 1970s. Used as a temporary mortuary for the miners killed in the 1864 pit disaster Now a private house

Dane House, 15 Madeley Road, Ironbridge, United Kingdom

Eighteenth century public house. Nearby on this road, formerly known as Thieve Street, lived Edward Wallett. Tups Rowe, home of Benjamin Davies, was also close to this site. Both men were killed in the 1864 pit disaster.

Golden Ball Inn, Newbridge Road, Ironbridge, United Kingdom

Former malt-house. Opened as a parish workhouse in 1796 for around 40 people. It closed in 1874 and was converted to houses John Tranter, who was killed in the 1864 disaster, lived nearby Now a private house

13 Belmont Road, Ironbridge, United Kingdom