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The trees in this avenue were planted by present and former Directors General and Chief Executives to commemorate the completion and occupation of these offices by Ordnance Survey 2010-11

Adanac Drive, Southampton, United Kingdom

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Brigadier Martin Hotine CMG CBE RE 17 June 1898-12 November 1968 Head of Trigonometrical and Levelling Division, Ordnance Survey, 1934-1939, Designer of the Ordnance Survey Trigonometrical Pillar, 1935, Founding Director, Directorate of Overseas Surveys, 11 March 1946-10 October 1963

Ordnance Survey, Adanac Place, Southampton, United Kingdom

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Cold Ashby. The first observations for the retriangulation of Great Britain were made at this trigonometrical station by Sergeant G. F. Mullinger, Royal Engineers on 1st April 1936. There are 11,678 such stations and the last observations were made at Thorny Gale in Westmorland on 4th June 1962

A14, Cold Ashby, United Kingdom