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Laithe House a 17th C. Dales yeoman's homestead with barn, farm buildings and house under one roof, and central waggon arch.

somewhere in Otley, Otley, United Kingdom

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A Maypole has stood on this site for many centuries, present pole erected 1902

Boroughgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Built 1757 formerly a chapel, school, courthouse and assembly rooms, becoming an inn during 1865

The Bowling Green pub, Bondgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Robert Elliot's iron foundry established here c1849, supplying castings for the original "Wharfedale" printing machines. The extended site was occupied until 1932 as Fieldhouse, Crossfield & Co.'s Wharfedale Foundry

Crossgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Once the home of Thomas Chippendale

Kirkgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Formerly the Royal White Horse Hotel Built 18th Century visited 1876 by HRH Duke of Connaught from which it gained its royal prefix

Kirkgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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The oldest inn in Otley reputedly drunk dry by Cromwell's troops who camped outside the town on the eve of the Battle of Marston Moor.

Market Place, Otley, United Kingdom

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17th C home of the steward of the manor and liberty of Otley. Altered to Georgian style 1704. Converted to shops 1840.

Kirkgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Site of the Falcon Works of Waite & Saville, printers' engineers, home of the Falcon Platen printing machine in the 19th and 20th centuries

Granville Mount, Otley, United Kingdom

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Site of David Payne's Atlas Works, founded in 1867 following dissolution of partnership with William Dawson. Firms combined again in 1921 as Dawson, Payne & Elliott.

Westgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Site of the Caxton works of David Payne & Co., 1892-1904 the Wharfedale printing machine makers, established by the eldest son of David Payne, co-founder of the printing machine industry in Otley

Leeds Road, Otley, United Kingdom

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Site of the Albion Works of John Kelley, manufacturer of Wharfedale-type printing machines 1889-1905

Leeds Road, Otley, United Kingdom

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Formerly the Mechanics Institute opened 31st Oct. 1871 and extended in 1895

Otley Civic Centre, Boroughgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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Formerly the Half Moon Inn 1759. Meeting place of Guild of Stonemasons and Cathedral Builders from 1760, forerunners of Freemasonry. Ceased to be an inn, 1971.

Westgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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William Dawson's first workshop developing into Ashfield Works where the original "Wharfedale" printing press was made in 1858

Westgate, Otley, United Kingdom

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