This 17th century building was first identified as an inn in 1714, when Chapel Street was an important highway. In the early 20th century it was popular with cyclists. H. G. Wells regularly dined and wrote here.

The Drum Public House, 16 Chapel Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

c. 1580 This building formed part of The White Hart, Petersfield's leading coaching inn until the 18th century, with stabling for over 100 horses. Charles II, Samuel Pepys and Peter the Great all stayed here.

Winton House, High Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

1534 This former farmhouse was occupied by Thomas Osbourne (16th C) and Thomas Walker (17th C), both Mayors of Petersfield. Dr Harry Roberts bought it in 1918 as a bookshop and workshops run by Flora Twort and other local artists.

1-2 The Square, Petersfield, United Kingdom

1866 This former Corn Exchange was used extensively for trade and also for concerts and plays. In 1885 it was the headquarters of the Hampshire Regiment 3rd Volunteers. It was converted into shops in 1929.

The Old Corn Exchange, The Square, Petersfield, United Kingdom

The Red Lion was an important 18th century inn on the Sheet to Portsmouth turnpike. Before the arrival of the railway to Petersfield in 1859, a horsedrawn bus left from here to take passengers to Alton station.

The Red Lion Hotel, College Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

c. 1500 22-24 Sheep Street was originally a single house with a prominently jettied first floor. It was one of 33 properties in Petersfield, including this side of Sheep Street, bought by the Joliffe family in 1732 to secure votes for them in Parliament.

22-24 Sheep Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

18-20 Sheep Street. These two properties, originally one Wealden house, date from the 15th century. The upper floor of no. 18 is faced with 'mathematical tiles', designed to resemble bricks, thus avoiding the tax levied on them.

18-20 Sheep Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Birthplace and residence of John Worlidge (1633-1693), whose books on progressive agriculture and horticulture formed the basis of the English agricultural revolution. His Systema Agriculturae of 1669 was based on his experiments in the adjoining garden.

Worcester House, Dragon Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Newly built by William Bagyns in 1580, this property was remodelled by Nicholas Page in 1613. It became one of the earliest lending libraries in Hampshire in 1740. In 1788, it housed Petersfield's first printer's.

17-19 High Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

1442 This Wealden house had a malthouse in its grounds until 1898, and stood on the old boundary between Buriton and Petersfield parishes. Its original service bay was demolished in 1964 for road widening.

Wealden House, The Spain, Petersfield, United Kingdom

This 16th century building, standing on an ancient burgage plot, is now only one third of its original size. In the 18th century, it formed part of a boarding school for privileged young ladies. It has been a shop since the 1830s.

6 High Street, Petersfield, United Kingdom

1579 The Spain marks the site of one of the earliest settlements in Petersfield. This timber-framed house stands on a Roman trackway. It was recently the home of Canon Cyril Taylor, the well-known composer of hymns.

15 The Spain, Petersfield, United Kingdom

In 1484, this site was given to Bishop Waynflete of Winchester and formed part of his endowment to Magdalen College, Oxford. This 17th century building was occupied by the furnishers Rowland, Son & Vincent for over 100 years.

18 The Square, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Owned by Richard Churcher, founder of Churcher's College, in the 1690s and, in 1802, by John Small, maker of cricket balls and one of the best batsmen in England. It was the Commercial Hotel in the middle of the 20th century.

Square House, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Rear Admiral Dennis Royle Farquharson Cambell RN Retired, CB, DSC, 1907 - 2000. He invented the angled deck for aircraft carriers thereby increasing the operational capabilities and enhancing the safety of carrier aviation. He lived here with his wife, Dorothy. 1961 - 1987

?, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Margaret Paren, Chair of the South Downs National Park Authority, declared the Park open here on 1st April 2011. This is England's tenth National Park stretching from Winchester to Beachy Head, with Petersfield at it's heart.

The Square, Petersfield, United Kingdom