Richard III Society

Established for over eighty years, the Richard III Society operates on several but not mutually exclusive levels. The Society exists not only to promote a re-assessment of King Richard’s character but also to encourage a fellowship between like-minded people and to commemorate the history of the last Plantagenets. This is not always an easy balance to maintain but this approach has enabled the Society to attract many thousands of members world-wide which in turn provides a platform for the Society to take its case to the academic community. Over the past half-century the Society has established an academic programme, vibrant membership and memorable commemorative achievements which were recognised as early as 1989 by the accolade of royal patronage in the person of the present Prince Richard, HRH the Duke of Gloucester.

Near this site stood the Church Of The Greyfriars where the body of Richard III the last Plantagenet King of England was interred after his death aged 32, at the Battle of Bosworth Field 22 AUGUST 1485 ... Requiescat in pace

Grey Friars, Leicester, United Kingdom

King Edward IV and his brother Richard Duke of Gloucester (later King Richard III) visited Norwich 18-21 June 1469. Queen Elizabeth Woodville was entertained here at the Blackfriars 18 July 1469

Blackfriars Hall, Norwich, United Kingdom

Lady Eleanor Talbot (Lady Butler) c. 1436-1468 benefactress and conversa of the Whitefriars was buried here in the Carmelite Priory Church.

Whitefriars, Norwich, United Kingdom

Returning from exile on Tuesday 12 March 1471 King Edward IV and his brother Richard Duke of Gloucester (Richard III) made their first landfall at Cromer

The Esplanade, Cromer, United Kingdom