According to tradition this flat stone marks the grave of Robert Willance buried here 12 February 1616

Frenchgate, Richmond, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

No. 24 Frenchgate. Traditionally the home and place of death of Robert Willance ( -1616) whose miraculous escape from death when his horse went over the edge of Whitcliffe Scar gave his name to Willance's Leap. Accident 1606; Alderman of Richmond 1608: died 1616. Buried in the Churchyard a few yards from the garden doorway of this house.

24 Frenchgate, Richmond, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

John Acrige Catholic Martyr. Priest of the Chantry of St. Thomas housed here in the south aisle of Trinity Chapel. Curate of Richmond Parish Church 1548-1569. Joined the Catholics in the Rising of the North 1569. Went into exile: returned to Richmond, his birthplace. Arrested. Imprisoned in the notorious North Blockhouse at Hull where he died 2nd March 1585.

Market Place, Richmond, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

View of Richmond "There is a thrilling view of Richmond ahead. Richmond is a town unlike others, a place unique, rich in relics of the past, steeped in a long history that still lingers in the ramifications of its castle and the narrow alleys and quaint buildings that huddle in the shelter of the massive Norman keep. The castle, dramatically poised on a cliff high above the Swale, is a dominating feature. It is a town of reminders of times long past. It is too good to be by-passed." Alfred Wainwright 1907-1991 'A Coast to Coast Walk'

, Richmond, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Great Channel affectionately known as "Cloaca Maxima" when Swale House was the residence of James Tate and of his son and namesake Masters of Richmond School 1796-1833 and 1834-1863 respectively. Scholars who boarded with them here included Lewis Carroll, the boy-poet Herbert Knowles and two sons of Earl Grey, Prime Minister 1833-1838

Channel, Richmond, Yorkshire, United Kingdom