Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead operates a scheme of commemorative Blue Plaques, which mark where famous people have lived or where some memorable event has taken place.

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A. C. Benson 1862-1925 Eton housemaster, author of "Land of Hope & Glory"

Godolphin House, Common Ln, Eton College, Eton, United Kingdom

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Chapel Arches rebuilt in 1825 and named for the Chapel of St Andre and St Mary Magdalene founded c1270 which once stood in the middle of the road to the west of the bridge

High Street, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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Charles Knight 1791-1873 author, pioneer, publisher and philanthropist buried beneath this plaque

Bachelors Acre, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Edward Elgar 1857-1934 Composer Often stayed and composed in this house

Long White Cloud, Monkey Island Lane, Bray, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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Fromt 1785 to 1788 Mrs Mary Delany (1700-1788) artist and friend of Royalty lived here in a house provided by King George III. A frequent visitor was the novelist and diarist Fanny Burney (1752-1840) while engaged as Keeper of the Robes to Queen Charlotte.

Windsor Castle Wall, St Albans Street, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Fred Fuzzens, 1921-1995, a local man - he strove for a perfect Windsor

Post Office, Peascod Street, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 pioneer in wireless communication lived and carried out experiments here in 1897

142 Whyteladies Lane, Cookham Rise, Cookham, United Kingdom

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Ivor Novello 1893-1951 composer, dramatist, actor and man of the theatre lived here

Redroofs, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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J. D. M. Pearce 1820-1898 Mayor of Maidenhead 5 times between 1856 and 1890, presented Kidwells Park to the town in July 1890 as a Deed of Gift

Kidwells Park, Marlow Road, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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Lt. Col. Harry Greenwood VC DSO OBE MC 1881-1948 Born in Victoria Barracks Awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery at Ovillers, France in 1918 serving with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Victoria Barracks, Sheet Street, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Mariquita Tennant 1811-1860 lived here and started her work of helping the impoverished women of Windsor

The Lime, Mill Lane, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Sergeant Oliver Brooks VC 1889-1940 Awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery at Loos, France 1915, serving with the Coldstream Guards Lived in this house 1925-1940.

47 Clewer Avenue, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Ralph Newbery, citizen and stationer of London bequeathed this building for the benefit of the Parish 1608

The Bell Inn, Waltham St Lawrence, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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Richard Dimbleby CBE 1913-1965 journalist, war correspondent and television presenter. Lived in Mill Head, Boulters Island

Boulters Island, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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Sir Edward Richard Henry Bt GCVO KCB CSI 1850-1931 fingerprint pioneer, Commissioner of Police 1903-1918. Lived in Cissbury 1920-1931

Cissbury, Windsor Road, Ascot, United Kingdom

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Sir (Henry) Walford Davies 1869-1941 English organist, composer and educationalist Lived in this house between 1932-1939

Church Road, Cookham Dean, Cookham, United Kingdom

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King George V Memorial. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, unveiled on 23rd April 1937 by King George VI

George V Memorial, Edward VII Avenue, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Jack White, open golf champion 1904 and Sunningdale Professional, lived here 1901-1926

Ridge Mount Cottage, Windsor, United Kingdom

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John Milton poet lived here 1632-1638

Stanwell Road, Windsor, United Kingdom

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A. Y. Nutt 1847-1924 Artist and Architect lived here

63 Kings Road, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Brigadier General Hore-Ruthven

The Hermitage, Hermitage Lane, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Kenneth Grahame 1859-1932 author lived here

Herries School, Dean Lane, Cookham, United Kingdom

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Field Marshal Lord Roberts VC KG KP GCB OM 1832-1914 soldier and statesman lived here 1903 to 1914

Englemere, Kings Ride, Ascot, United Kingdom

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Windsor Bridge Designed by Charles Hollis and opened in 1824 Freed from tolls by the action of Joseph Taylor in 1898 Closed to vehicles in 1970

Windsor Bridge, Windsor, United Kingdom

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King Edward VII Gateway. Generously donated to the citizens of Windsor by Sir Jesse Boot and opened by Princess Alice Countess of Athlone in January 1921

Alexandra Gardens, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Windsor Martyrs Beyond this site, the following were martyred for their faith Henry Filmer Anthony Pierson Robert Testwood Burnt at the stake 28th July 1543

near the George V Memorial - Dachet Road / Thames Street, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Queen Charlotte Street which is fifty one feet ten inches in length is recorded as the shortest street in Britain

Queen Charlotte Street, Windsor, United Kingdom

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York Road is believed by the FA to be the oldest senior football ground continuously used by the same club. Maidenhead FC played their first game on this ground on 16th February 1871.

Maidenhead Football Ground, York Road, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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Sir Sydney Camm (1893 – 1966) designer of the Hawker Hurricane of the Battle of Britain fighter lived here

10 Alma Road, Windsor, United Kingdom