Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society is a society based in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, that manages a professional symphony orchestra, a concert venue, and extensive learning programmes through music. The society is the second oldest of its type in the United Kingdom and its orchestra, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, is the country's longest surviving professional orchestra. In addition to the orchestra, the society administers the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir and the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, as well as other choirs and ensembles. It is involved in educational and community projects in Liverpool and its surrounding region.

This tablet is dedicated to the memory of W. Hartley of Dewsbury bandmaster, W. T. Brailey of London R. Bricoux of Lille, France J. F. Clarke of Liverpool J. L Hume of Dumfries G. Krins of Leige, Belgium P. C. Taylor of London J. W. Woodward of Headington members of the band on board the "Titanic", they bravely continued playing to soothe the anguish of their fellow passengers until the ship sank in the deep April 14th 1912. Courage and compassion joined make the man complete.

Entrance foyer, Royal Liverpool Philarmonic, Hope Street, L1 9BP, Liverpool, United Kingdom