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Here dwelt Agnes Bottenham landlady of the Rydedorre who founded Trinity Hospital for the poor circa 1370

Rai D’Or, Brown Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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William Golding novelist & Nobel Prize winner was a schoolmaster here 1945-1962

North Walk, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Formerly Salisbury Assembly Rooms 1802-1960 7 High Street

7 High Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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A. W. N. Pugin 1812-1852 Gothic Revivalist designed this church in 1847-8 and converted to Roman Catholicism in Salisbury 1835

St Osmonds Church, Exeter Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Davy dee plaque in salisbury
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. In recognition of their outstanding contribution to popular music and celebrating the 40th anniversary of their chart-topping hit single "The Legend of Xanadu" 1968-2008

City Hall, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Benjamin banks plaque in salisbury
The Violin Maker Benjamin Banks 1727-1795 Lived and worked here.

Dollond & Aitchison, Catherine Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

William pitt plaque in salisbury
William Pitt 1708-1778, First Earl of Chatham, known as Pitt the Elder and the Great Commoner, MP for Old Sarum 1735-47, Prime Minister 1766-68, spent part of his boyhood here.

Marwarden Court, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Site of Arts Theatre and Salisbury Playhouse 1953-1976

84 Fisherton Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Charles William Fry 1838-1882 Builder and Musician of Charles Street. First National Bandmaster for The Salvation Army is commemorated here.

The Citadel, Salt Lane, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Brunel plaque in salisbury
Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1806-1859 Celebrating "Brunel 200" This Brunel-designed Great Western Railway station was built in 1856.

old Great Western Railway Station building, Windsor Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Salisbury and wilton council plaque
Salisbury and Wilton Rural District Council met here 1953-1974

26 Endless Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Henry hatcher plaque in salisbury
School & Home 1824-1846 of Henry Hatcher historian

54 Endless Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Revd John Wesley MA founder of Methodism and eight Salisbury citizens erected the first preaching house on this site in 1759

Methodist Church, St Edmund's Church Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Andrew B Middleton MRCS 1819-1879 Eradicated cholera in Salisbury by replacing open canals with drains and covered sewers as recommended by the Public Health Enquiry held in this building 1851

Waterstone's, corner of New Canal and High Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Salisbury Museum was established in 1860 by Dr Richard Fowler and this building was its first permanent home

former museum building, St Ann Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Dorothy L. Sayers Godolphin School 1909-1911 wrote in her novel "Whose Body?" that Lord Peter Wimsey lunched here.

The Cathedral Hotel, Milford Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

George beare plaque in salisbury
George Beare c.1725-1749 portrait painter lived in a house on this site. Some of his portraits are in the Guildhall and Museum

34 Milford St, Salisbury, United Kingdom

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The Rt Hon Sir Edward Heath KG MBE 1916-2005 Prime Minister 1970-1974 Statesmen, Musician and Sailor. Arundells

Arundells, The Close, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Spitfire manufacture in salisbury   blue plaque
This site was one of the three requisitioned Salisbury garages used for manufacturing almost 2000 Spitfire aircraft from 1941 until 1947.The machining of Spitfire parts in the film 'First of the Few' was carried out in this former Wilts & Dorset bus engine garage. Two Spitfire assembly sheds were constructed on Hudson’s field.Final assembly and maiden flights were from Highpost and Chattis Hill airfields.

141 Castle Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Stonehenge woollen industries (salisbury)
The wooden ram above dates from the shop's former use by Stonehenge Woollen Industries, set up in the early C20th by Catherine Lovibond, with the aim of regenerating the rural economy. The firm continued in business till 1959. Ram renewed in 2013 by Salisbury Civic Society

51 High Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom