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Scarborough Castle. Fortified site since 12th century. Last used defensively 1745

Castle Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Town Hall built for John Woodall, banker, c.1846. Purchased by Scarborough Corporation 1899

Harcourt Place, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The view from this spot inspired Bram Stoker (1847-1912) to use Whitby as the setting of part of his world-famous novel Dracula

Khyber Pass, Whitby, United Kingdom

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The Manor of Northstead held by Richard III stood on this site. Stewardship of the Manor disqualifies a Member of Parliament and, like the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, may be awarded to a Member who wishes to resign. The plaque was unveiled by Lord Martin Fitzalan-Howard of Brockfield Hall, York to mark the visit of Richard III to Scarborough in June 1484 to review his fleet and subsequently grant a charter to the town. 3rd June 1984. ‘loyalty binds me’

Peasholm Park, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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This bridge is named after the late Captain Sydney Smith M.B.E. to commemorate his life and celebrate his love of Scarborough & the sea. Captain Smith was renowned as the editor of Olsen's Fisherman's Nautical Almanac. He was deputy harbourmaster and was decorated for his daring exploits during world War II. This bridge was commissioned by Scarborough Borough Council and was officially opened by Lawrie Quinn, MP. in the presence of Captain Smith on 2nd September 2000. This bridge was designed and commissioned on behalf of Scarborough Borough Council by Qualter, Hall and Co. Ltd. of Barnsley in collaboration with Mouchel North Yorkshire and Wold Construction Co.Ltd.

Vincent's Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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1912-2012. This Oak tree was planted by the Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough Councillor Helen F Mallory and the Peasholm Park Friends. To celebrate the first centenary of Peasholm Park. 19th June 2012

Peasholm Park, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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This plaque was unveiled by Mr. David Curry, MP., parliamentary secretary to commemorate the rebuilding of Scarborough Fish Market which was jointly funded by Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food Scarborough Borough Council. 19 September 1990

Fishmarket, West Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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King Richard III 1483-1485 is reputed to have stayed here

?, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Dedicated to RAF aircrew trainees stationed at the Grand Hotel 1940-44 and to all citizens contributing to victory in the air

The Grand Hotel, St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The pancake bell. The ancient custom of bell-ringing on Shrove Tuesday is still maintained at Scarborough. The “Pancake” or “Curfew” bell was hung above the entrance of the Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr near this site until the demolition of the building in 1861. It was rung on Shrove Tuesday as a signal for housewives to commence cooking the traditional pancakes. In 1861 the bell was removed to Scarborough Museum where it the customary ringing on Shrove Tuesday was undertaken until 1996 when the replacement bell now hung in this location was provided. The bell is rung on Shrove Tuesday each year at midday. The replacement bell has been provided by the Borough Council with the assistance of Tate & Lyle Sugars, Morrison’s Stores, Electricity Supply Nominees, Scarborough Hotels association, Scarborough Beaujolais Runners, Tony Peers and the people of Scarborough

86 Newborough, North St elevation, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Spaw for townspeople. The fountain (down these steps) commemorates the existence of the Spaw for townspeople and has been provided as a joint project between Scarborough Civic Society and Scarborough Borough Council

Spa Promenade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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1845 Scarborough Art Gallery originally home of John Uppleby solicitor and Crescent developer

The Art Gallery, The Crescent , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Market Hall erected 1853, replaced congested street markets held Old Town since Medieval times.

Market Hall, St Helen's Square, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Assembly Rooms. Built in 1857, Charles Dickens gave readings here 1858.

4-6 Huntriss Row, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Spa cliff lift first passenger cliff tramway opened 1875

Spa cliff lift lower station, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Spa. Famous for spring waters from 1626. Entertainments centre since 1839

Scarborough Spa, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Londesborough Lodge built 1839.Londesborough family home 1853 - 1919.

Londesborough Lodge, The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Long Room. Site of fashionable assembly rooms 1725 - 1840.

Royal Hotel, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Odeon Cinema. 1700 seats. Built in streamlined modernist style 1936

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Westborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom