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The centre part of the house predates the Dissolution of Shaftesbury Abbey in 1539 and is the oldest house in Shaftesbury.

Edwardstow, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Site of The George coaching inn. The present building housed the Victorian horse-drawn fire engine manned by volunteers.

Connells, 4 The Commons, Bell Street, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Site of Lord Arundel's town house c.1590, later the Rose & Crown Inn. Present building c.1835 may include parts of the old house.

High Street, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Nearby stood the medieval Guild Hall, replaced in 1569 by the New Guild Hall, which stood in the middle of the High Street

Saxon Photographic, Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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A priest's house for St Peter's Church in the C16th. Then the Sun and Moon Inn was at the heart of Shaftesbury's market days for over 200 years.

The Beadster, 1 Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Built on the market place in 1827 by Earl Grosvenor who owned most of Shaftesbury, it replaced the open-arched New Guild Hall. Clock tower added in 1879.

Town Hall, High Street, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Site of the Angel Inn, home of Shaftesbury's first postmaster c. 1667. A later building housed coachbuilders, then a car repairers. Present Post Office opened in 1946.

Post Office, Angel Lane, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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The medieval New Inn, later the Red Lion, was a posting inn on the Great West Road. Bought by Earl Grosvenor in 1820 and renamed the Grosvenor Arms.

Hotel Grosvenor, High Street, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Opened on 1st November 1957 in the former Market Hall, which ran from Bell Street to the High Street and was in use for nearly a century.

Shaftesbury Art Centre, Bell Street, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Gold Hill An artist's impression of a busy market day at the top of Gold Hill before the current Town Hall was built in 1827. The main features still in place are Shaftesbury Abbey precinct wall on the right together with the Sun and Moon Inn just below the church. The six sheep in a pen in the front of the illustration represent a tenant's right to keep these animal's - as bestowed on all cottages on Gold Hill. This permission remains in place to the present day! King Alfred founded Shaftesbury Abbey in AD888 - it was the first nunnery not connected to a male community and became the model for all other Royal nunneries. His daughter Aethelgifu, was the first Abbess. Other items in the picture include the Poultry Cross, a Fish Stall and an Apple Tree Seller occupying regular sites in this thriving market place. Artist: Janet Swiss (who also provided a complementary mural of the same period in Swans Yard, off the High Street).

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

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Site of William Lush's Blue Coat school which gave a free education, clothes and apprenticeships to poor boys from c. 1757 until 1870.

Bell Street, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom