Sheringham Preservation Society

The Preservation Society has worked since 1979 to preserve the best that Sheringham has to offer.
The Sheringham and District Preservation Society covers the parishes of Upper Sheringham and Beeston Regis as well as the town of Sheringham.
It exists to protect the best features of the area from developments which could destroy their character. It also aims to research and record the history of the area and to publicise it in any way possible.

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Constructed as the town's water supply and possibly the site of the village stocks and pillory

Clock Tower, High Street, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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This gun was used for coastal defence, possibly at the time of the Spanish Armada

Gun Street, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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Formerly Emery's Boatbuilding shed, in use until 1980

Lifeboat Plain, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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This building was erected in 1867 to house the towns first R.N.L.I. lifeboat 'Duncan'

Oddfellows Hall, 4 Lifeboat Plain, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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This building was originally a coffee shop circa 1720. And also the site of the fishermen's mission hut

Two Lifeboats Hotel, 2 High Street, Sheringham, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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Arcade Lawn site of the towns open air theatre

Oscar's, 13 Church Street, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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The site of Sheringham's first Post Office, 1890

Pungleperry's, 28 High Street, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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Henry Ramey Upcher, the fishermen's lifeboat, 1894-1935

Promenade, Sheringham, United Kingdom

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The first bomb to be dropped on Britain in World War I fell in this yard at 8:30pm 19th January 1915

Wyndham Street, Sheringham, United Kingdom