William Stukeley, the noted 18th century antiquary lived in the house opposite, No 9, 1743-48. The structure above was part of the house forming a bridge that spanned the road. It formed Stukeley's study and library. Stukeley claimed that King Charles I spent the last night of freedom in this house, May 1646.

Barn Hill, Stamford, United Kingdom

Here for several centuries the pillory stood. This form of public punishment was abolished in 1837. The building opposite with the roof lantern was probably a medieval guildhall.

All Saints Street, Stamford, United Kingdom

Site of William the Conqueror's castle erected 1068. Ruinous by 1340, demolished by mid 16th century. The only visible standing remains incorporate part of the castle's 13th century great hall

Junction of Castle Dyke and Bath Row , Stamford, United Kingdom