Near this spot John Wesley preached several times between 1745 and 1752 and established the first Wesleyan chapel in Staffordshire on this site.

167 Park Lane, Tipton, United Kingdom

Near this spot the world's first successful working steam engine was erected in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen 1663-1729 to pump water from the Coneygree Coalworks. A full size replica of the engine has been built at the Black Country Museum.

Coneygree Arts Centre, Sedgley Road East, Tipton, United Kingdom

On the night of 31st January 1916 Tipton was hit by a zeppelin raid which claimed 14 lives. Most of the casualties occurred in Union Street

H C Pullinger and Son, Union Street, Tipton, United Kingdom

The inaugural meeting of The Black Country Society. President: Dr John Fletcher (1934-1996) Secretary: John Brimble (1940-2006) held at the Noahs Ark 1st March 1967

Noah's Ark Public House, Wood Street, Tipton, United Kingdom