Torbay Civic Society

The Torbay Civic Society was established in 1976 for the public benefit to promote public interest in Civic Design in Torbay, to stimulate public consciousness and appreciation of the beauty, history and character of Torbay and it's surroundings, to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features which enchance the attractiveness of the three towns of Torbay, and to pursue these objectives through meetings, lectures, study groups, cultural activities, exhibitions and publications.

Vomero the first home in Torquay of the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (b.1806-d.1859) whilst organising the arrangements for his estate at Watcombe, Torquay, Brunel and his wife stayed here from July to November 1848

Vomero, Stitchill Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

The Spanish Barn, built c. 1198 by the monks of Torre Abbey, 397 prisoners of war from the Spanish Armada were held here in July 1688

Torre Abbey, 5 Avenue Rd, Torquay, United Kingdom

In memory of Prime Minister Leonard James Callaghan b. 1912, d. 2005. Lived here from 1914 to 1922. He visited his old home and Furzeham Primary School on frequent occasions. Known as Sunny Jim he was MP 1945-1987, Leader of the Labour Party 1976-1980, Prime Minister 1976-1979 and became Lord Callaghan of Cardiff in 1987

Berry Head Road, Brixham, United Kingdom

Rudyard Kipling lived here at Rock House from 1896-1898 on his return from America

Rock House, Rock House Lane, Maidencombe, Torquay, United Kingdom

To commemorate the site of "Ashfield" birthplace and first home of Agatha Christie (neé Miller) writer and playwright 1890-1976

Barton Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Babbacombe Cliff home to one of Britain's most famous playwrights during the winter of 1892-93 Oscar Wilde poet, self-styled leader of the aesthetic movement, wit, playwright and father. Born October 16th 1854 died November 30th 1900. Author of the famous play The Importance Of Being Ernest

Babbacombe Beach Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Barn Close an estate of homes, school and chapel planned for his workers by I. K. Brunel 1806-1859

Barn Close, Torquay, United Kingdom

Riviera Court formerly Cleave Court from 1913 to 1924 the home of Beverley Nichols 1898-1983 author and journalist

Riviera Court, Torquay, United Kingdom

Bishopstowe built in 1841 as the home of Henry Phillpotts Bishop of Exeter 1831-1860 was opened in 1921 by George Hands, as The Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel, Babbacombe Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

This residence was home to Britain's most famous naturalist and geologist during six weeks of the summer of 1861 Charles Robert Darwin traveller, adventurer and writer b.1809-d.1882 author of Origin Of Species published 1859

2 Meadfoot House, Hesketh Crescent, Torquay, United Kingdom

Cockington Court manor house of the Squires of Cockington from Saxon times to 1932

Cockington Court, Torquay, United Kingdom

Colonel Robert Smith (1787-1873) eminent engineer, artist and architect in India designed Redcliffe in 1852 as his home

Redcliffe Hotel, Marine Drive, Paignton, United Kingdom

Beyond this wall stood Eltham home for twenty eight years to Eden Phillpotts (b.1862-d.1960) author of more than 300 books including the 18 novels of his Dartmoor Cycle. Freeman of Torquay from 1921 President of the Dartmoor Preservation Association 1951-1960

Oakhill Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Woodfield home of eminent Victorian Edward Vivian MA JP from 1842 to 1893. Banker and renowned benefactor to the poor

Woodfield, Lower Woodfield Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806-1861 poet lived here 1838-1841

Beacon Hill, Torquay, United Kingdom

Established in 1845 as Torquay Institution Erith House was built in 1860 named in memory of Lady Eardley of Erith, Kent. Gentlewomen of limited means suffering from cheat problems came to resideand benefit from the mild climate of Torquay.

formerly Torquay Institution, Lower Erith Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Lauriston last home of the writer Flora Thompson (born Dec 5th 1876, died May 21st 1947) came to Brixham in 1940 and completed her three novels Over To Candleford, Candleford Green and Still Glides The Stream in this house.

New Road, Brixham, United Kingdom

Hookhills Viaduct designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (d.1806-d.1859) construction commenced in 1860 and was opened to the railway in 1864. With its nine arches the viaduct is 85 feet high and 116 yards long

Broadsands Road, Paignton, United Kingdom

1-4 Bishops Place now Bishops Place Surgery built in 1857 by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for the doctor, architect, engineer and supplies manager of the South Devon Railway

Bishop Place Surgery, Bishop Place, Paignton, United Kingdom

Orestone the sometime home of the artist John Calcott Horsley relative and fried of I. K. Brunel

Orestone, Torquay, United Kingdom

home of the maritime artist John Chancellor b.28-31925 d.9-4-1984. Born to British parents in Portugal John Chancellor spent 30 years at sea before finally settling in Brixham in 1963 using his talent to become one of our great modern day maritime artists

73 S Furzeham Rd, Brixham, United Kingdom

Madreport Place built on the site of the Torquay National School providing the town's first elementary education. Established 1826

Madrepore Place, Torquay, United Kingdom

Normount (Bishops Court Hotel). This neo-classical villa was designed and built by local architects and developers, the Harvey Brothers in 1844

Bishops Court Hotel, Lwr Warberry Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Oliver Heaviside FRS 1850-1925 mathematician and scientist renowned worldwide for his contribution to electromagnetic theory and prediction of the Heaviside Layer off which which radio signals are reflected lived here 1889-1897

Barclays Bank, Palace Avenue, Paignton, United Kingdom

Primley House. Here resided the Belfield Family and later Herbert Whitley 1886-1955 biologist, founder of Paignton Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Totnes Road, Paignton, United Kingdom

Novelist and poet Robert Graves (July 24th 1895-Dec 7th 1985) lived here at Vale House 1940-1946. Vale House (circa 17th century) was originally a farmhouse

Vale House, Manor Vale Road, Galmpton, Brixham, United Kingdom

The Drum Inn, Cockington Village (completed in 1936) designed by the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens RA OM KCIE born 29th March 1869 died 1st January 1944

Drum Inn, Cockington Village, Torquay, United Kingdom

Torquay Boys' Grammar School traces its origins to The Abbey Hall which was opened as The Torquay Pupil Teachers Centre on 4th September 1904

Torquay Boys Grammar School, Rock Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

The artist John Salter 1825-1891 lived and worked here 1878-1890

The Terrace, Torbay, United Kingdom

Brixham Theatre within the Town Hall building built by local architect George Bridgman in 1886. Much loved by the actor and resident of Brixham John Slater (b,1916 d,1975) who performed here for the two seasons before his early death in December 1975

New Road, Brixham, United Kingdom

Designed by George Edmund Street this Church of St John the Evangelist was built in 1861-71 on the site of The Torquay Chapel. Consecrated Aug 14. 1823.

The Church of St John the Evangelist, Torquay, United Kingdom

1807 Two cottages on this site became the chapel in the meadow, the First Torquay Methodist Church. From this beginning has grown today's Methodist witness in Torbay.

Fleet Street, Torquay, United Kingdom

The heroes of the Provident BM 291 on the 1st January 1915, in stormy seas, sailing trawler provident rescued 70 men out of a pinnace from the torpedoed HMS Formidable. Captain William Pillar, Crewman William Carter and John Clarke, Apprentice Dan Taylor and Cabin Boy Leonard Pillar

Overgang, Torbay, United Kingdom

The Paignton Club built and continuously run as a private members' club since opening on 22nd December 1884. Architect: George S. Bridgman; Builder: C & R. E. Drew.

The Esplanade, Paignton, United Kingdom

Oldway Mansion built by Isaac Merritt Singer in 1874 and adapted to its present form by his son Paris Singer in 1904

Oldway Mansion, Torquay, United Kingdom

Near this place Clifford R. Cooksley died while bravely carrying out his duties as a Civil Defence Messenger during a major bombing raid on May 30th 1943. Clifford aged 16, of no. 22 Princes Street, Babbacombe, was the youngest Civil Defence Messenger killed in our area.

22 Princes Street, Babbacombe, Torquay, United Kingdom

Founded in 1844 The Torquay Natural History Society has met here regularly since 1875

529 Babbacombe Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

The Pavilion Designed by Major H. A. Garrett AMICE Build by R. E. Narracott Opened 1912

Torbay Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

In 1864 Livermead House was the home of Charles Kingsley (1819 - 1875) clergyman, naturalist & author of 'The Water Babies'

Torbay Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Along this lane is Ilsham Chapel. Originally an oratory of the Premonstratensian monks in England. Used by the canons of Torre Abbey c. 1230 - 1539

Ilsham Close, Torquay, United Kingdom

The home of Commander Lionel Greenstreet (Born 20-03-1889 - Died 13/01/1979) First Officer of HMS Endurance lead ship of Sir Ernest Shackleton's imperial trans-antarctic expedition to the South Pole in 1914. Commander Greenstreet was the last surviving member of this expedition and lived here until he moved to Goring, Sussex in the mid 1960s

13 Holwell Road, Brixham, United Kingdom

War heroine Eileen Mary Nearne MBE (Born 15-03-21 Died 2-9-10) was honoured by Britain and France when awarded the MBE and French Croix de Guerre for her courageous work during World War II as a member of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) Eileen lived here from 1991 until 2010

2 Lisburn Crescent, Torquay, United Kingdom

MINTONS Home of Herbert Minton B.4.2.1793 – 1.4.1858 Porcelain manufacturer to Queen Victoria. Knight of the imperial honour of France. Medal winner at the Great Exhibition of 1851 A great friend to Augustus Pugin Most noted for majolica parian sculptures encaustic tile floors designed for the Houses of Parliament London

Higher Woodfield Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

The parish church of St. Martin of Tours, Hele and Barton, Torquay This plaque was unveiled to mark the Seventieth Anniversary year of consecration, and the Golden Jubilee year of the formation of Hele and Barton as a parish Consecrated in 1940 Created a parish church in 1960

Barton Hill Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

The world premiere of The Pirates of Penzance by W. S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan was staged at The Bijou Theatre on this sites on 30th Dec. 1879

Bijou Theatre, Torbay, United Kingdom

"Kinbrae" Peter Cook (1937-1995) Voted one of Britain's greatest comedians and a writer of note was born here November 17th 1937 when the house was called "Shearbridge"

Middle Warberry Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

An almost unique medieval lock-up for petty offenders - Last used in 1867

22 Church Street Mews, Paignton, United Kingdom

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Royal Torbay Yacht Club (1863-2013) and the 200th anniversary of the Torbay Royal Regatta (1813-2013) 2013

Beacon Hill, Torquay, United Kingdom

Peter Cook

Launa Windows Stadium's Popular Side, Marnham Road, Torquay, United Kingdom

Clergyman, naturalist and novelist. Author of "The Water Babies" and "Westward Ho" Charles Kingsley b. June 12th 1819 d. January 23rd 1875 stayed here during 1854. Coombe Court formerly called Marystowe

, Torquay, United Kingdom