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John Rylands (1801-1888) Businessman and philanthropist of Longford Hall and his wife Enriqueta1843-1908 who founded the John Rylands Library in his memory.

Edge Lane, Longford Park, Stretford, Manchester, United Kingdom

George Saul Mottershead 1894-1978 Founder and Director of Chester Zoo "A Zoo Without Bars" Lived here 1912-1920 where he established Saul's School of Scientific Physical Culture

131 Northenden Road, Sale, United Kingdom

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Chapel Street Altrincham. From just 60 houses 161 men volunteered in the Great War 1914-18. 29 were killed. Recognised and praised by King George V.

Chapel Street, Altrincham, United Kingdom

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Captain Edward Kinder Bradbury 1881-1914 Born at Church Bank, Bowdon Awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in the First World Wat 1914-1918 September 1st 1914, Nery, France

Langham Road, Bowdon, United Kingdom

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Ford Motor Company Limited Trafford Park During the Second World War 1939-1945 34,000 Merlin aero-engines were constructed A major contribution to the victory in the Battle of Britain

Trafford Centre (Barton Square link), Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom