Site of the House of Correction or 'Old Bridewell' circa 1642 to 1842, Usk's third Gaol until Usk prison was built. The first was the Garrison Tower in the Castle and the second was further along Bridge Street (now Gordon House)

28 Bridge Street, Usk, United Kingdom

Edward John Trelawney 1792-1881 Author, adventurer, friend of Shelley and Byron, was in Usk for twelve years. He lived in this house (built 1839), before himself building Twyn Bell and later Cefn Ila.

Royal Hotel, New Market Street, Usk, United Kingdom

The Town Hall Rebuilt in 1834, with arcaded market space below, this was the administrative centre of the town from c.1598 when the Earl of Pembroke granted the site to the Burgess probably to replace an earlier hall in Twyn Square. The courts Leet and of Frankpledge and the petty sessions sat here, as did quarter sessions for some years. The first county police headquarters was here, as was the town lock-up and fire station. The Town Council, by then the Urban District Council, last sat in the hall in 1936.

Town Hall, New Market Street, Usk, United Kingdom

Site of Usk's Mediaeval Hospital until 1402 Safle Ysbyty Canoloesol Brynbuga tan 1402

Uskbridge Mews, Bridge Street, Usk, United Kingdom

The former Monmouth and Glamorgan Bank until 1851; then home of J H Clark (died 1913), local historian, printer and publisher and the Town's last Portreeve. Hen safle Banc Mynwy a Morgannwg tan 1851; ac wedyn yn gartref i J H Clark (a fu farw yn 1913), hanesydd, argraffydd a chyhoeddwr lleol a Phorthfaer olaf y Dref.

Bridge Street, Usk, United Kingdom

Second site of Usk Japanning Works 1826-1860 owned by Evan Jones who, on buying the works, moved from the first site further along New Market Street where one branch of the Allgood family from Pontypool established it in 1763 Ail safle Gwaith Japanio Brynbuga 1826-1860 fu'n eiddo i Evan Jones, a symudodd y gwaith, ar ol iddo ei brynu, o'r safle cyntaf ymhellach ar hyd Stryd y Farchnad Newydd, lle y cafodd ei sefydlu gan gangen o deulu Allgood o Bont-y-pwl yn 1763

New Market Street, Usk, United Kingdom