The Parade Ground Few things better symbolize the history and evolution of a New England town than the town green. Set aside as the town "common" in the original 1670 plan of development, Wallingford's town green, or "Parade Ground," is as old as the community itself. In those early days the community centered round North and South Main Streets. By placing the town common and adjacent meetinghouse here, Puritan founders hoped to symbolize the shared values, goals, idea, and beliefs which had spurred their migration to the New World and which now guided this new community. During the nineteenth century, local industrialists built stately homes along Main Street and a commercial district along Center Street. The town green became a central park for the bustling urban center. Today those two purposes are united with the town green serving as both a park and a symbol of the community. Erected by Wallingford Visitors Council 1992

23 South Main Street, Wallingford, CT, United States