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Commemorates the lasting contribution that, through their commercial endeavours, the family and descendents of George Nelson Dale & Co manufacturers of gelatine, lime & cement 1837-1970 made to the community of Warwick

The Nelson Club, Charles Street, Warwick, United Kingdom

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The Court House Designed and built in 1725 by Francis Smith

Jury Street, Warwick, United Kingdom

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Warwick 1100 Years 914 2014 Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of King Alfred the Great, founded a fortress at 'Waeringwicum' in AD 914 which grew into the town of Warwick. Her conquest of the Viking 'Danelaw' secured the creation of the Kingdom of England

Castle Street, Warwick, United Kingdom

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The Holloway Beneath this sign ran The Holloway, a medieval road cut through the rock to ease the gradient for carts coming to the Market Place from the Saltisford. It was crossed at this point by the Iron Bridge, erected in 1804.

The Holloway, Warwick, United Kingdom