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The Willow House Built c. 1556, the Willow House is one of the oldest surviving houses in Watton and has been a vicarage, a school, a laundry and a dentists surgery.

2 High Street, Watton, United Kingdom

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The Old Brewery Built in three stages by Edward Stevens and his son in 1831, 1838 and 1877. Production ceased in about 1912 after it had been taken over by Morgans Brewery of Norwich

High Street, Watton, United Kingdom

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Crown Hotel Built c. 1760, during the 19th century the Crown Hotel was used for horse trading, had stabling for 200 horses and its own horse doctor.

High Street, Watton, United Kingdom

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The Clock Tower Built in 1679 by Christopher Hey a mercer of Watton. The lower part of the building was the town lock-up and it is believed that the top held a bell to warn of fire.

Tourist Information Centre, Watton, United Kingdom

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This building believed to have been erected in 1819, became the National School

Past Times Antiques shop, Watton, United Kingdom

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The Old Police Station Built in 1855 at a cost of £950. It has cells for the temporary confinement of the accused and was manned by an Inspector, Sergeant and three Constables.

High Street, Watton, United Kingdom