Worthing Society

The Worthing Society , originally the Worthing Civic Society (founded 1973), was formed in 1982. Its main aims are to conserve and preserve the architecturalamenities of Worthing and the surrounding area , and to stimulate interest and research into the town’s history. It is concerned principally with conservation and preservation but also operates within broader terms to enhance the present conditions of the town and surrounding area, the character and life of which it isanxious to safeguard, and to act as a watch-dog for future developments.


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Jane Austen 1775 - 1817 Novelist stayed here at Stanford Cottage from 18th September 1805 to the year end.

Warwick Street, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Alma Cogan lived here

29 Lansdowne Road, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Provident House formerly the Worthing Soup Kitchen 1892-1922 erected by the Worthing Provident Relief Society designed by A. T. Cooke

Grafton Road, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Harold Pinter 1930 - 2008 Playwright actor and director lived here 1962 to 1964

Humphrys Road, Worthing, United Kingdom

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W. H. Hudson 1841-1922 Writer on countryside matters stayed here and at no. 14 on various occasions from June 1918

Bedford Row, Worthing, United Kingdom

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On this site in 1899 George Warne 1864-1916 founded this hotel in part of York Terrace Warnes was Worthing's premier hotel famous visitors included King Edward VII King George V Emperor Haile Selassie and his family Winston Churchill General Montgomery General Eisenhower John Philip Sousa Warnes closed in 1985 burned down 1987

Marine Parade, Worthing, United Kingdom

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In 1899 George Warne 1864-1916 an early motoring enthusiast promoted his new hotel as The Motorists' Mecca establishing the first hotel garage, or engine house, in England on this site in York road in 1900 The garage was demolished in 1947

Marine Parade, Worthing, United Kingdom

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This building was opened by The London & South Coast Railway as the first Worthing station on November 25th 1845 Threatened with demolition in 1971 Later restored by Frank Sandell & Sons (Worthing) Limited in 1988

Worthing Station, Railway Approach, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Gladys Morgan 1898-1983. Comedienne, star of stage radio and tv. Lived here 1958-1983

30, Salisbury Road, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Philip McCutchan 1920-1996 Author of contemporary thrillers and historical military fiction Lived here 1963-1996

107 Portland Road, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Dr Frederick Dixon FRCS FGS 1799-1849 Geological pioneer in West Sussex, founder member Sussex Archaeological Society, founder of Worthing Dispensary lived at Elm Lawn House 1827-1849

Elm Lawn House, Union Place, Worthing, United Kingdom