York Pioneer and Historical Society

The York Pioneer and Historical Society is the oldest historical society in Ontario. For almost a century and a half, the York Pioneers have worked to fulfill the founders’ goal of “preserving the past for the future”. We own and operate two heritage buildings: the Scadding Cabin, Toronto’s oldest house, on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition; and Eversley Church, on Dufferin Street north of King City.


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This area includes the site of Taiaiagon Iroquois Village at the foot of the Toronto Carrying Place (Le Portage de Toronto). This way passed Étienne Brûlé, first white man to see Lake Ontario, 1615; René Robert Cavelier de la Salle, explorer of the Mississippi 1680 and 1681; John Graves Simcoe, first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, 1793. These lands now known as Baby Point were purchased by Honourable James Baby, member of the Legislative and Executive Councils, 1820.

south-west corner of Baby Point Road and Baby Point Crescent , Toronto, ON, Canada