St. George's Roman Catholic Church Foundation Stone laid October 1849 Church opened September 1850 This was the Cathedral Church for the whole of Yorkshire from 1850 to 1864. It was designed in the Early decorated Style by Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-1882), who was a native of York - lived in Micklegate - and was architect for many notable churches and civic monuments both in England and abroad. He was also the inventor of the Hansom cab. This fine church was built in 11 months at a cost of £3,550.

St. George's Roman Catholic Church, George Street, York, United Kingdom

Carr's Lane. Formerly known as Le Kirke Lane, Kirk Lane or Kirkgail (13th Century). Later re-named Carr's Lane, possibly because John Carr, distinguished architect and Lord Mayor of York, lived in a large residence on the North-East corner of the Lane.

Carr's Lane, York, United Kingdom

Lady Peckitt's Yard. Formerly known as Bacusgail or Bake House Lane. Later given its present name because John Peckitt, Lord Mayor 1702-03, and his wife lived here. By old York custom, the wife of a Lord Mayor was called 'Lady' for the rest of her life:- 'He is a Lord for a year and a day, But she is a Lady for ever and aye.'

Lady Peckitt's Yard, York, United Kingdom