William M. Pickett

Aged unknown

Commemorated on 4 plaques

Texas Historical Marker #07789

First Baptist Church. Organized Sept. 1858 in local Masonic Hall by Baptist missionary John R. Briscoe and Elder W. M. Pickett with 19 charter members: Lewis W., Rebecca, Susan C., and Martha Matilda (Tillie) Moore; Nancy Moore Hines; Andrew and Mary McDonald; Ellen D. Langford; Mary Reneau; Margaret Moody; Julia Cole; John, D. H., Margaret, and Sarah Miller; Louise and J. C. Moses; Wiley A. and Sarah Mattox. Briscoe served temporarily as pastor. The first convert was Eliza Stevens, a slave. During the Civil War the congregation moved to Center Point (3 miles SE), and later returned to Greenville, meeting in the courthouse, shared by all faiths. First church building was a small frame house on a lot(1 block SE) donated by A. D. Robey and W. M. Arnold in 1873. The house burned in 1886, and a large frame structure was erected in 1887 on this block. In 1895, the church sponsored the establishment of Burleson College, a local private school, which was transferred to the State Baptist Convention in 1899. The cornerstone of a brick edifice, constructed on this site in 1905, is displayed here. Eight other local Baptist churches have spawned from this congregation. The present sanctuary was dedicated Dec. 10, 1967, and serves over 2,000 members. #7789

2703 Wesley St., Greenville, TX, United States where they organised

Texas Historical Marker #07814

Lone Oak Baptist Church. Organized 1858 by W. M. Pickett and Benj. Watson. The charter members were Thos. Hooker, first pastor; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Simpson; N. T. Featherston; Jane Pitts; Harriet Lively; and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McBride, who gave site for first church. After it burned, present one was built, 1899. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1970 #7814

McBride and Olive St., Lone Oak, TX, United States where they organised

Texas Historical Marker #08943

Vineyard Grove Baptist Church. Instituted under direction of Elder Willie Pickett, missionary of Southern Baptist Convention, on Nov. 9, 1847. Charter members: Betsy Parrish Gilmer; Margaret Hart; John W. Jones, Tamazine D. Jones, Tamazine F. Jones; Benjamin B. Parrish, Theresa C. Parrish; Sinclair Stapp, Sallie Parrish Stapp. Elder Pickett was chosen pastor; John W. Jones, deacon; and Sinclair Stapp, clerk. On June 16, 1849, Jones, David Pevler, and Adam Yoakum were asked to superintend building of a meetinghouse. This was completed in 1853. The church still serves this community. #8943

?, Windom, TX, United States where they established a church

Texas Historical Marker #09840

First Baptist Church of Mount Vernon. Led by Baptist missionary William M. Pickett, this congregation was organized on Oct. 5, 1849, one year after the Mount Vernon Post Office was established. Early worship services were held in a log building located about one-half mile east of the Franklin County Courthouse. Originally known as New Liberty, the congregation adopted the name Mount Vernon Baptist Church in 1870. The church has had a number of outstanding members and pastors, including the Rev. Joshua F. Johnson, who later served as a member of the 1861 Secession Convention in Austin. (1984) #9840

?, Mount Vernon, TX, United States where they established a church