Sir Dr Stanley Hooker PhD FRS FRAeS MIMechE

Died aged c. 77

Sir Stanley George Hooker, FRS,DPhil, BSc, FRAeS, MIMechE, FAAAS, (30 September 1907 – 24 May 1984) was a jet engine engineer, first at Rolls-Royce where he worked on the earliest designs such as the Welland and Derwent, and later at Bristol Aero Engines where he helped bring the troubled Proteus turboprop, and Olympus turbojet to market, and then designed the famous Pegasus vectored thrust turbofan used in the Hawker Siddeley Harrier.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Hawker Siddeley Harrier The world's first operational V/STOL aircraft which entered service in 1969. Developed from the P1127, a concept by the Hawker Aircraft and Bristol Siddeley Engines design teams under the leadership of Sir Sydney Camm and Sir Stanley Hooker.

Kingston upon Thames, London, United Kingdom where they worked

Bristol Engines & Rolls-Royce Sir Stanley Hooker 1907 - 1984 Merlin 45 & 61, Nene / Derwent V, Avon. Proteus 3, Olympus, Orpheus. Pegasus, RB211 Turbofan.

Anchor Road, Bristol, United Kingdom where they lived near