Feathers Hotel, Ludlow

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The Feathers Hotel, The Bullring, Ludlow, Shropshire is an historic inn. Its imposing half-timbered frontage was constructed in 1619, over an earlier core, for a local lawyer, Rees Jones. John Newman describes the hotel as a "prodigy" of Tudor architecture and it is noted for its Jacobean furnishings. It is a Grade I listed building, listed on 15 April 1954, and is one of approximately 500 listed buildings in Ludlow, but one of its best known.

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Feathers Hotel Became an inn c. 1670. Much altered in the mid-19th century when the balcony was added for electioneering. Has been called 'a treasure of a house, inside and out'.

Bull Ring, Ludlow, United Kingdom where it sited (1670)