John Foulston

Died aged c. 69

John Foulston (1772 – 30 December 1841) was an English architect who was a pupil of Thomas Hardwick and set up a practice in London in 1796. In 1810 he won a competition to design the Royal Hotel and Theatre group of buildings in Plymouth, Devon, and after relocating he remained Plymouth's leading architect for twenty-five years.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Egyptian House. Designed in the Egyptian style following the popularisation of Egyptian architecture after the Napoleonic campaigns. One of only two examples in the country. John Foulston 1823

Egyptian House, Ker Street, Plymouth, United Kingdom where they designed

Court Gate This was the principal entrance to the great Abbey of St. Mary and St. Rumon. Originating in the twelfth century, it was extended in the fifteenth century, and underwent major restoration by John Foulston in 1824

Bedford Square, Tavistock, United Kingdom where they was