John Penn

Died aged c. 66

John Penn (14 July 1729 – 9 February 1795) was the last governor of colonial Pennsylvania, serving in that office from 1763 to 1771 and from 1773 to 1776. Educated in Britain and Switzerland, he was also one of the Penn family proprietors of the Province of Pennsylvania from 1771 until 1776, holding a one-fourth share, when the creation of the independent Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during the American Revolution removed the Penn family from power. Held in exile in New Jersey after the British occupation of Philadelphia, Penn and his wife returned to the city in July 1778, following the British evacuation. After the war, the unsold lands of the proprietorship were confiscated by the new state government, but it provided Penn and his cousin, John Penn "of Stoke", who held three-fourths of the proprietorship, with compensation. They both appealed as well to Parliament, which granted them more compensation.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

John Penn - PLAQUE. On this site was the home 1766-1771 of John Penn 1729-1795, last Colonial Governor of Pennsylvania. Son of Richard Penn and grandson of William Penn, the Founder. Also the home 1771-1810 of Benjamin Chew, 1722-1810, last Colonial Chief Justice of Pennsylvania...

242 S 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA, United States where they lived