Louis Ferdinand Ferber

Died aged c. 47

Louis Ferdinand Ferber (8 February 1862 – 22 September 1909) was a French Army officer who played an important role in the development of aviation during the early 1900s. Although his aircraft experiments were belatedly successful, his early recognition and publicizing of the work of the Wright Brothers was a major influence on the development of aviation in Europe.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Ici est ne le celebre aviateur Louis Ferdinand Ferber dit : (de rue) 8 Fevrier 1862 - 22 Septembre 1909

English translation: Here is no The famous aviator Louis Ferdinand Ferber Says: (from street) 8 February 1862 - 22 September 1909

espace loggia, Cours de la Liberté, Lyon, France where they was