George Rainsford Fairbanks


Died aged c. 86

George Rainsford Fairbanks was born in 1820 in New York State. After becoming a lawyer, he moved to St. Augustine in 1842 to become Clerk of the Circuit Court. He was a member of the State Senate from 1846 to 1848, served as a major in the Confederate Commissary Department and was president of both the Florida Fruit Growers Association and the Florida Fruit Exchange. Fairbanks served as editor of the Florida Mirror and wrote a history of Florida in 1871 that was used in public schools for 25 years. He was also instrumental in organizing the Florida Historical Society and became its first president in 1902. George Fairbanks died in 1906.


George Rainsford Fairbanks (1820–1906) was a lawyer, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Florida State Senator, president of and the ; editor of the ; the author of books on Florida history; and the founder and president of Florida Historical Society. He lived in Fernandina Beach. He is listed as a Great Floridian.

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George Rainsford Fairbanks

George Rainsford Fairbanks [full inscription unknown]

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