John Batterson Stetson

Died aged c. 76

John B. Stetson, the Philadelphia hat manufacturer, was born in 1830 in Orange, New Jersey and came to Florida in 1886 by invitation of Henry DeLand. He purchased a 300-acre tract of land, planted citrus groves and built a winter home where he and his wife spent winters for the next 20 years. He made so many endowments to the DeLand Academy, established by Henry DeLand, that the institution was renamed Stetson University. He also built the first power plant in Florida, making DeLand the first town in the state to have electric streetlights. John B. Stetson died in 1906.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

John B. Stetson

John B. Stetson [full inscription unknown]

Elizabeth Hall, on the Stetson University campus, 431 North Woodland Avenue, DeLand, FL, United States where they was