George W. Parks


Died aged c. 67

George W. Parks, was born January 28, 1876 at Seven Springs, North Carolina. He came to Jensen on the Florida East Coast when he was 17. Parks built the Stuart Feed Store in 1901 and raised his family in the upstairs apartment. (The store is now renovated and operates as a museum.) The store remained in the Parks’ family until 1946. He helped found Stuart’s first bank in 1912, served on the town council, and as mayor. Parks helped incorporate the Town of Stuart in 1914 and was instrumental in the formation of Martin County in 1925. He brought Gulf Oil to Stuart in 1908 and went into business with C. E. (Riley) Christensen in the Stuart Mercantile Company from 1911 to 1924. George W. Parks died in 1943.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

George W. Parks

George W. Parks [full inscription unknown]

Stuart Feed Store, 161 S.W. Flagler Avenue, Stuart, FL, United States where they was