Hammersmith Palais

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Closed aged c. 97

The Hammersmith Palais de Danse, in its last years simply named Hammersmith Palais, was a dance hall and entertainment venue in Hammersmith, London, England that operated from 1919 until 2007. It was the first palais de danse‚ÄČ to be built in Britain. In 2009, it was named by the Brecon Jazz Festival as one of twelve venues which had made the most important contributions to jazz music in the United Kingdom. The Palais occupied a large site on the A219 at 242 Shepherd's Bush Road, London W6, near the circular system under the A4 Hammersmith flyover. The area has two London Underground stations, a bus station, and the road network at Hammersmith Broadway.

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HAMMERSMITH PALAIS opened as a roller skating rink in 1910. Later it served as an ice rink and, most famously as a 'palais de danse' with a capacity of 2,500. Dancing continued all through the Second World War despite the Blitz. From the 1960s the Palais was increasingly used for live concerts and club nights. It finally closed in 2007.

228 Shepherds Bush Road, London, United Kingdom where it sited (1910-2007)