City of Glasgow Police

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c. 196

The City of Glasgow Police or Glasgow City Police was the police of the City of Glasgow, Scotland. In the 17th century, Scottish cities used to hire watchmen to guard the streets at night, augmenting a force of unpaid citizen constables. On 30 June 1800 the authorities of Glasgow successfully petitioned the British Government to pass the Glasgow Police Act establishing the City of Glasgow Police. It served Glasgow from 1800 to 1975, when it was amalgamated into Strathclyde Police. It is sometimes described as the first modern-style municipal police force, although due to the original Glasgow force's small size and varied duties (as well as policing they also fought fires, called the hours and swept the streets, thus in many ways more closely resembling the older city watchmen) this title has previously been claimed by the London Metropolitan Police. However, following formal enforcement action by the Advertising Standards Authority, the Metropolitan Police gave a written undertaking never to repeat this claim again.

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In commemoration of the men and women of the City of Glasgow Police first formed 1779 - 1781 re-formed 1789 - 1790 successfully established under the Glasgow Police Act of 30 June 1800 & mustered within this building (then known as the Laigh Kirk) on 15th November 1800. Stood down on 15th May 1975 on the formation of Strathclyde Police

63 Trongate (junction with Chisholm Street), G1 5HB, Glasgow, United Kingdom where it sited