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The Leighton Library, or Bibliotheca Leightoniana, in The Cross, Dunblane, is the oldest purpose built library in Scotland. Its collection of around 4000 volumes and 78 manuscripts from the 16th to 19th century is founded on the personal collection of Robert Leighton (1611–1684), bishop of Dunblane and archbishop of Glasgow, who had left the books to Dunblane Cathedral.

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The Leighton Library. Erected 1687 with funds provided by a bequest from Robert Leighton, Bishop of Dunblane 1667-1671, Archbishop of Glasgow 1671-1674. Restored 1989 with donations received from the many friends of Leighton Library. Details of Access at Museum Opposite.

61 High Street, Dunblane, United Kingdom where it sited