Thomas Parker

Died aged 71

Thomas Parker FRSE MICE (22 December 1843 – 5 December 1915) was an English electrical engineer, inventor and industrialist. He patented improvements in lead-acid batteries and dynamos, and was a pioneer of manufacturing equipment that powered electric tramways and electric lighting. He invented the smokeless fuel Coalite. He formed the first company to distribute electricity over a wide area. He was described by Lord Kelvin as "the Edison of Europe".

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Thomas Parker 1843-1915 Engineer scientist lived close to this site and worked on many of his inventions here in Wolverhampton, some which are described on this plaque. 1881 ,Responsible for the first electric tramway in the world at Portrush Northern Ireland, powered by the first hydroelectric generator/ 1882, Founded the first company in the midlands to manufacture electrical equipment, such as dynamos, motors, switchboards and transformers. 1887, his Wednesfield Furnace was a new method of producing phosphorus and chlorate of soda by electricity. Thomas Parker designed and built cars possibly the first motorist in Wolverhampton he had an electrically operated vehicle as early as 1884. Designed and built multiphase alternators with stationary armatures and revolving fields, a very successful design for many years. He refused the principal in his alternating current furnaces for purifying metals establishing a more efficient method of electrical distribution. 1904, Awarded two gold medals by the Smoke Abatement Society for perhaps his most important work against air pollution. One for his invention of the Kyfle fire grate and one for his process of the distillation of coal by low temperature method to produce a smokeless fuel known as "Coalite".

Riches House, Riches Street, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom where they lived