Edward Poulton FRS

Died aged 87

Sir Edward Bagnall Poulton, FRS HFRSE FLS (27 January 1856 – 20 November 1943) was a British evolutionary biologist, a lifelong advocate of natural selection through a period in which many scientists such as Reginald Punnett doubted its importance. He invented the term sympatric for evolution of species in the same place, and in his book The Colours of Animals (1890) was the first to recognise frequency-dependent selection. Poulton is also remembered for his pioneering work on animal coloration. He is credited with inventing the term aposematism for warning coloration, as well as for his experiments on 'protective coloration' (camouflage). Poulton became Hope Professor of Zoology at the University of Oxford in 1893.

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Sir Edward Poulton FRS 1856-1943 Evolutionary biologist Hope Professor of Zoology. Ronald Poulton Palmer 1889-1915 Rugby football hero. This was the family home 1881-1943

Wykeham House, 56 Banbury Road, Oxford, United Kingdom where they lived