Matilda Sharpe

Died aged 86

Matilda Sharpe (4 April 1830 – 30 April 1916) was a British teacher, educational reformer and painter. In Highgate, north London, she founded Channing House School (after Robert Spears' idea) and a Unitarian Chapel in Despard Road. She was the daughter of Samuel Sharpe. Sharpe was a talented painter and several of her portraits are in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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Matilda and Emily Sharpe 1842-1928 Matilda was a teacher, educational reformer, author and painter and with her sister, Emily, established Channing School in 1885 to educate the daughters of Unitarian ministers and others. Several of her works can be found in the National Portrait Gallery.

Channing School, The Bank, Highgate, London, United Kingdom where they was