Tom Lee

Aged unknown

In April 1766, local blacksmith Tom Lee, who lived and worked in this building on Main Street, killed Dr Richard Petty. Petty and Lee had been to a cock fight at nearby Kettlewell, where Petty had won a considerable sum of money. On the journey home, they stopped at several inns. Their journey continued as far as Grassington Woods and it is here that the doctor allegedly met his end. Tom Lee was the prime suspect and was initially acquitted at York Assizes due to lack of evidence. Two years later, a former servant came forward with sufficient evidence for Lee to be re-arrested. Tried again at York in July 1768, this time Lee was found guilty of the crime, and later hanged.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Pauline E on Geograph

This shop is the original smidy owned by the notorious Tom Lee in the year 1766

Main Street, Grassington, United Kingdom where they worked