Ottobah Cugoano

Died aged unknown

Ottobah Cugoano, also known as John Stuart (c. 1757 – after 1791), was an abolitionist, political activist, and natural rights philosopher from West Africa who was active in Britain in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Captured in the Gold Coast and sold into slavery at the age of 13, he was shipped to Grenada in the West Indies. In 1772, he was purchased by a merchant who took him to England, where he learnt to read and write, and was freed. Later working for artists Richard and Maria Cosway, he became acquainted with several British political and cultural figures. He joined the Sons of Africa, a group of African abolitionists in Britain.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Ottobah Cugoano born c.1757 Author and anti-slavery campaigner lived and worked in Schomburg House 1784-1791

Schomberg House, 80–82 Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1784-1791) and worked (1784-1791)