Sir John Pettus

Member of Parliament (1601-1608), Knight Bachelor (from 1607), and Mayor of Norwich (1608-1609)

Died aged c. 64

John Pettus (1550–1614), of Elm Street, Norwich, Norfolk, was an English Member of Parliament for Norwich in 1601 and 1604. He was Mayor of Norwich in 1608–9.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Pettus House 41/43 Elm Hill. This building was a small part of the original house occupied by the Pettus family from 1550 until 1683. They included Thomas Pettus, Sheriff in 1556, Mayor in 1590, also Sir John Pettus, Mayor in 1608.

Pettus House, 41/43 Elm Hill, Norwich, United Kingdom where they lived

Pettus House This building is the surviving part of a larger house which extended up to the churchyard, occupied in the 16th century by the Pettus Family. The family, members of which are buried in the church of St Simon & St Jude, were Mayors and Sheriffs of Norwich and prosperous cloth merchants. In the 17th century, several members of the family were early settlers in Virginia, USA.

41-43 Elm Hill, Norwich, United Kingdom where they lived