Ald. John Marston JP

Died aged c. 82

John Marston (1836-1918) was a successful Victorian bicycle, motorcycle and car manufacturer and founder of the Sunbeam company of Wolverhampton. His company was also one of the country's largest manufacturers of japanware and he was responsible for building 'Seagull' outboard engines for marine use and also for starting the Villiers engineering company. He was Mayor of Wolverhampton for two consecutive years and died in 1918 aged 82.

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John Marston JP 1836-1918 mayor 1889-1891 alderman 1891 freeman 1909 founder of the Sunbeam Company and his son Sir Charles Marston K St J, JP, FSA 1867-1946 industrialist and author lived here

The Oaks, Merridale Road, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom where they lived