Thomas Scott

Died aged c. 74

Thomas Scott (1747–1821) was an influential preacher and author who is principally known for his best-selling work A Commentary On The Whole Bible and The Force of Truth, and as one of the founders of the Church Missionary Society.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

In this pulpit Rowland Hill preached the first sermon in Surrey Chapel, June 8, 1783 "We preach Christ crucified" & continued to preach in it until April 2, 1833 nine days before his decease. His successor James Sherman preached in it till 1854 after which Newman Hall occupied it till June 25, 1876 when the congregation & institutions removed to Christ Church. This pulpit was open to faithful preachers of all churches & amongst others was occupied by Venn, Scott & Berridge, amongst Episcopalians & by Chalmers, Robert Hall, Jay, James, Parsons of other churches.

Surrey Chapel, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, United Kingdom where they preached

Olney Parish Church. Completed in 1325AD, this church is associated with William Cowper, the poet, and John Newton, Curate-in-charge and one-time slave trader; these two wrote "The Olney Hymns". Other outstanding characters include Henry Gaitlett, "Father of English Church Music", Moses Browne, of many parts (and many children) and Thomas Scott, the Bible commentator. The church of the Olney Pancake Race.

Olney Parish Church, Olney, United Kingdom where they visited (1772)